About The Artist

Julia Hinshaw was born in Ridgewood NJ, outside of New York City. After moving back and forth across the US she is currently settled in Oxshott, England with her children, husband and 2 goofy dogs.

For Julia painting has been a meditative and contemplative journey. She started painting in the autumn of 2017, with the intention of writing a novel. The words escaped her and one day she found herself staring at pots of paint in her local art supply store. Compelled, the paints found their way, along with brushes and canvases back to her home. Speaking through her brushes, the paints came alive, blending color and movement, expressing what she was unable to say in words.

Julia’s latest project delves into the written word. She is creating a selection of haikus inspired by her art. As they are created we will continue to update the gallery attaching the poems to the corresponding artwork. We hope you enjoy.